Brick Building on Main Street

Brick Building on Main Street

Main Street Greenwood Maryland.



More 55 m.p.h. to the right Rt. 404 East.

13.5 Windows

13.5 Windows

50 m.p.h. house Rt. 404 maybe.

A Big House at Bethany

A Big House at Bethany

Bethany Beach Delaware 11:40 a.m.

Shop Window Greenwood Maryland

Shop Window Greenwood Maryland

Stopped on the way to Bethany Beach at a small town.

The Umbrella People

The Umbrella People

Dewey Beach Delaware 4 p.m. tiki bar.

Bridge at Indian River Inlet

Bridge at Indian River Inlet

new bridge 50 m.p.h. atlantic ocean coast maybe 7:14 p.m.

Windows 55

Windows 55

ridin’ hgwy 404 maybe sure toward east. magic country house stage left. my honda roll 55 m.p.h. thus softness (sic).

The Gas Station Walker Evans Would Have Photographed Had He Had a Digital

The Gas Station Walker Evans Would Have Photographed Had He Had a Digital

Down the highway toward Bethany Beach. Master model epic classic gas station on the left. Rolled on in my magic car one-half mile past, u-turned, parked in most talented gasoline station parking lot, off to the right. Wanted to take 4 pictures, took only 2, battery died. A man was in the gas station, partially in the doorway at one point. I wanted him in the pic, like one of the sharecroppers Walker Evans photographed. The man moved out of the picture frame, me no have courage to ask him to pose, so I get an empty opposite happy bright happy happy antithesis to an Edward Hopper.